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Bare Hill Rowing Ergathon 2017

Our Goal:
This year’s Ergathon goal is to raise $20,000 for our Great Eights CampaignIn rowing, you can have the most talented athletes but if your equipment doesn’t fit or work well, it’s hard to train properly and win races. Some of our boats are 10+ years old and must be replaced. Plus, in order to provide every rower the chance to participate, we simply need more seats which means more boats.

Rowers will be seeking sponsorships during the month of March. On April 8, the ergs will be arranged in the Bromfield School gym. Our squad of varsity, novice and 8th grade athletes will be split into teams, with each having the goal of trying to complete 25,000 meters on the rowing machines (aka ERGs) the fastest. Each team will have 5 ergs that must complete 5,000 meters each, with the 5 times being added up for the overall team time. As a whole, the squad will challenge itself to row 300 kilometers (186 miles) during this event. Ergathon winners will be determined by a combination of amount of money raised and the time to finish the race.

Who We Are:
Bare Hill Rowing Association (BHRA) engages 100+ youth from the Harvard and Acton-Boxborough high schools in the sport of rowing. 

  • We are a public high school club that receives NO funding from either school or from the towns.
  • For the first time in the program’s history, we will purchase two eight-rower boats this year, one for each of the girls' and boys' teams. Your donation will make our Great Eights Campaign possible.

Click here for frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Ergathon.

Thank You!

Thank you to our dedicated and generous supporters from Ergathon 2016! With your help, we funded a new 80’ x 10’ Connect-A-Dock, a first in our program, which provides a safe and stable platform for all rowers to enter and exit the water, in addition to providing environmentally safe and durable water access for the community.

*Please note the use of PAYPAL for online donations is limited to residents of Massachusetts due to tax restrictions for non-profits.

Fundraiser Status

Sponsorships so far: $24,000