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Be Part of BHRA's History: "Clinch an Inch"

 We need your support! Periodically the club conducts specific fundraisers to support boat purchases. As such, we are pleased to announce the FASTER4WARD fundraiser.

Now through March, we are offering the unique opportunity to every rower, family, alumni sponsor, and friend to “clinch an inch” by purchasing an inch or more to put your initials or name on the new boats. A contribution of $50 per inch will allow for two letters per inch. You can purchase any number of inches. At a total cost of $39,400 per boat, we hope to sell all the inches that are available to purchase on each hull. We invite everyone to participate! Read more about our campaignHERE


Our goal is to purchase two new coxed 4's for the team. By including as many individuals and local businesses in this project we hope to raise $79,000. By participating you will be forever a part of the TEAM and BHRA history.


  • An INCH costs $50
  • Each INCH will include 2 characters. The decals will be created in the font Arial at 72pt bold.
  • Decide what INITIAL, NAME or WORD you would like to put on the boat. Please note submissions should be appropriate for the public and consistent with BHRA's mission and purpose. The club reserves the right to request an adjustment of a selection or to reject it. 
  • If naming for a FAMILY, use either just the "NAME" or "NAME FAMILY ". Do not include the word "THE".  It should just read your  "NAME" or "NAME FAMILY" not "THE NAME FAMILY". 
  • Determine how many characters there are in your submission.

1.  For MORE than 1 word, include a space between each word in your count.
2.  Hyphens, commas and periods count as characters.
3.  If you have an ODD number of characters, round up.


  • Arial Wu = 8 characters (letters plus the space) so you would purchase 4"
  • Jordan Smith-Jones, Jr.  = 22 characters (letters plus the space, hyphen, comma, period) so you would purchase  11"
  • John Fishman = 13 characters (odd number)  so you would purchase 7"

Submissions will be placed around the perimeter of boats.

Are you ready? Now it's time to resister your "name" and donate!


We invite businesses to be part of our team. Visibility is always an important element in any business model. On any given weekend at a regatta there will thousands of spectators passing our Team Tent and Food Trailer. At the Harvard Henley Regatta we have four prominent high school teams racing: Bromfield Acton-Boxborough, Boston Latin , Brookline High School, and Wayland Weston. That means 350 competitors and hundreds more parents and spectators. We offer a variety of opportunities for your company to show your support of this campaign and become part of our team.  

GOLD LEVEL: $1500            
Be a supporter by Clinching an INCH: $50 per = 2 letters
* Can’t contribute cash – we welcome gift cards 


We will be purchasing two top of the line ULTIMATE SHARK PREDATOR HUDSON coxed fours with additional set of sculling riggers so they can also be used as a coxed quad. One for each team. U5.21 and U5.31

Earn a Prime Spot for your name on a Boat!

Just added… Cross the Finish Line First Challenge
What’s the most important section of the boat in a race? 
Answer: The BOW
Why? Because it crosses the finish line first! 

Open to all participants 
* The four individuals, families or groups that donate the most dollars above and beyond their “Clinch the Inch” donation at $50 an inch, get to claim one of the 4 primes spots located on the bow section of our two new boats. Each boat has a port side and starboard side which together provide  four opportunities to be the FIRST NAME to cross the finish line and lead our athletes to victory.
Imagine...for example
Your initials, your name, your family, your class (“Class of 2025”), your team ( “2023 Middle School Scullers”) are among the first across the line every time!  

How does it work?

  • Purchase your inches as directed above
  • Add an additional donation under General Donation
  • Pay the total at check out
  • At close of campaign, you will be notified if you’ve won the challenge. If there are more than 4 challenge participants as in a tie, all will be notified before campaign closes and have the opportunity to voluntarily increase their donation.  

* If you are interested in making a larger donation for exclusive naming rights on the bow of a boat, we welcome your interest. Please contact Program Director Holly Hatton 

This page will collect your submission information and donation.
Make sure you know how many inches you wish to purchase before going to this page.


IN ADVANCE - Thank you for your support of our athletes and organization. We strive to offer a safe, healthy and inclusive experience for our members, whether they are here for the exercise, comradery or are training to reach for the brass ring; as a non-profit your support is so important to making this possible.


Bare Hill Rowing Association, Inc. (BHRA) engages 100+ youth from the Harvard and Acton-Boxborough middle and high schools in the sport of rowing, in addtion to offering community Learn to Row programs and adult classes.  Our scholastic team competes as Bromfield Acton- Boxborough Rowing

  • We receive NO funding from either school or from the towns
  • We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization
  • Donations are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law


Contact: Holly Hatton, Program Director