Located at Bare Hill Pond, Harvard, MA


Bare Hill Rowing Association is committed to the health and safety of its members and the greater community as a top priority. As we phase in rowing on Bare Hill Pond in light of COVID-19, we are guided by the protocols set forth by USRowing, the national governing body of the sport of rowing, as well as state, local and town regulations.

competitive Youth Program

Current members of the Bromfield Acton-Boxborough Rowing team, grades 8-12, are eligible for the summer program. Rowing will be done in sculling boats (1x,2x,4x), as well as 4+ on days when coxswains are in attendance. There will be a option to sign up for 1x only rowing due to COVID concerns.

The goal of summer rowing is to help athletes improve technique by becoming proficient in a sculling boat as well as maintain fitness and enhance racing skills. Those who do not have sculling experience will be taught. They will need to pass a “flip test” in advance of the start of the program. See details below.

At this time we don't know what  summer regattas may be offered. Potential races are: The Cromwell Cup (Charles River, early July), US Rowing Summer Nationals (Camden, NJ, mid-July), Philadelphia Youth Regatta (late July) and Canadian Henley (early August). Scrimmages with local clubs may be set-up as an alternative.
Due to present circumstances, any travel and/or accommodations needed to compete at a regatta, will need to be provided by parents. Entry fees, coaches travel expenses and boat transportation costs would be billed separately to parents.

Parents of younger participants: Please note, summer rowing is not recreational time filler. The structure of the program requires athletes who are hardworking, self-reliant and have the ability to focus on a work out on their own in a single. Due to town regulations of no wake in the early hours on the pond, athletes will be given workouts to follow and coaches station themselves along the training path and monitor the rowers as they pass by. There will be inter-squad racing and preparation for possible scrimmages (or races) later in the summer.

Daily coaching runs for six weeks - June 21 to July 30
Participation in scrimmages or races on weekends.

Base rate is fixed and based on Monday to Friday for three or six weeks options. NO rebate will be given for time missed due to other scheduled activities nor will fees be prorated for joining the program after the start date.

If races are held, costs such as: entry fees, boat transportation and coaches' travel expenses would be split amongst the group attending the regatta and billed to parents.


Swim Test submitted for BABR is valid for summer, as well as Physical as long as it's current. Flip tests passed in previous years are also valid.

Fee Options

Session Options  Rower
Non-Resident Fee


3 Weeks Rowers for daily practices, 5 days a week


3 Weeks Coxswains (2 days a week)








+ $50*


 + $50*



6 Weeks Rowers for daily practices, 5 days a week


6 Weeks Coxswains (2 days a week) 








+ $50*


+ $50*


             *Covers tariff paid by BHRA to the Town of Harvard for inclusion of non-town tax paying members.

NO rebate will be given for time missed due to other scheduled activities nor will fees be prorated for joining the program after the start date.

Fees:  Includes program registration, coaches' salaries, special daily operational costs of the program such as sanitization supplies, gas for the launches and rental agreement with the town for beach access.

Fees do not include regatta related fees (entry fee, coaches' travel expenses and boat transportation) or transportation to "possible" local regattas.

Program Information

Coaches: Holly Hatton and Brian DeDominici
Focus: Primarily sculling boats, plus coxed fours
Program Dates: June 21 - July 30 with possible scrimmages or races on weekends
Time: 7:00am - 10:00am Monday to Friday 
Each daily session will be split in half:
Girls will row the first half, Boys the second half. 
1½ hours of rowing and 1½ hours dedicated to land training. Land workouts will be provided by the coach and done at your home. 
There is flexibility to participate in the rowing portion only; however, the fee will not be reduced.

Requirements (Rower):

  • Rowed at 8th grade level or higher
  • Those with NO sculling (using two oars) experience are required to pass a the “flip test" conducted on first day of class.

Flip Test: A flip test shows your ability to flip a single while in it and then get back into the boat without assistance. A coach will supervise this test. Watch this video to see a flip test in action. 

How to get back into a single


All registrants, please follow these steps:

1.    Complete the online registration.
2.    Submit physical and swim test in the registration, if needed (Download form).
If you have already submitted a swim test from a previous BHRA program, you do not need to submit again.
-  If you have a current physical on file with BABR, see below for compliance.*

3. Pay online 

* Physical dated within 13 months of the last day of the program.
To comply with state regulations, physical exams are required every thirteen months to the day of the exam. For example, if a student-athlete has a physical exam dated June 1, 2020 that exam will expire on July 1, 2021, meaning as of July 2, 2021 the student-athlete becomes ineligible to practice or compete until they present proof of a current physical exam to the BHRA Registrar. 

Please make certain that your child has a current physical exam that will last the duration of the season (for summer, through August 9 in case we are able to attend the Canadian Henley Regatta). If your child's physical will expire during the summer season, please schedule a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible and submit the updated physical to the BHRA Registrar BEFORE the expiration dateAthletes with expired physicals will be ineligible to practice, race and travel with the team until the updated form is submitted.

There will be no exceptions to this rule, nor will there be extensions granted based upon a doctor’s note. If you have a current physical on file with BHRA that meets this date criteria, you do NOT need to resubmit this form.

Swim Test - Returning rowers who have this on file do not need to resubmit this form. Even if you have achieved a high level of swimming or certification, but have no form on file, this form must be submitted.

Forms and payment are due by Wednesday, June 16.

Please direct program questions to: Holly Hatton
Registration questions and forms, send to: BHRA Admin