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Program FAQ

Bare Hill Rowing Programs

Summary of all programs within the Bare Hill Rowing Association.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About BHRA Programs


What is Bromfield Acton-Boxborough Rowing Association?
Bromfield Acton-Boxborough (BAB) Rowing is the interscholastic rowing program of BHRA for Harvard and Acton-Boxborough students in grades 8 through 12. The competitive programs include Boy's and Girl's Varsity and Novice teams and an Eighth Grade Sculling Team. Neither school supports the club financially. Bromfield School rents space to the club for indoor erg and winter training. Athletes who have fulfilled the varsity team requirements are recognized with Varsity Letter awards from their respective schools after the spring season. Rowing is not a Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association sport. BAB is a member of the Mass Public Rowing Association.

When are practices?
Varsity and Novice team practices are 5 to 6 days a week after school with occasional weekend practices – 2:30 hours per practice for varsity rowers and 2 hours for novices. Eighth grade sculling team practices are 4 days a week for 1 hour and attendance at 2-3 weekend regattas per season.

When is the rowing season?
Fall season: Beginning of September to the end of October and two weekend days in November.
Spring season: First Monday after February break to end of May. Novice and Varsity rowers are expected to be available over spring break.
Both seasons include the week after the final regatta, athletes move equipment into storage for the winter or summer.

Where is practice held?
Bare Hill Pond in Harvard for rowing and The Bromfield School IT room for land training. Additional winter training facilities may be used as well as other bodies of water on weekends and when conditions prevent access to Bare Hill Pond.

What are the attendance requirements?
Being on time and attending practice every day is essential. Prospects with other after school activities that conflict with practice times will need to make a choice. Late arrival or regularly missing practice for an ongoing commitment elsewhere does NOT meet team requirements.

What happens if I miss practices before a race?
If you miss a practice during a race week for any reason, it may affect your boat placement or mean that you do not race at all.

How do athletes get to practice?
Neither school provides transportation to practices or regattas. Families are expected to arrange carpools if necessary

Do I need to have prior rowing experience or to have done another sport to join?
No. We teach you everything.

What are physical requirements?
Candidates must pass a swim test and be in good physical health. Rowing requires significant cardio conditioning and strength. Preparation to race requires significant running, training on an erg and strength training. Smaller prospective athletes may be asked to cox (steer and lead the crew). In the Eighth Grade program, all athletes will row and cox.

Are there tryouts?
Bromfield Acton-Boxborough Rowing works closely with The Bromfield School and various Town of Harvard boards that oversee use of the town land and Bare Hill Pond to provide the sport of rowing to any student attending The Bromfield School. Acton-Boxborough students are eligible to fill out the team when seats are available, up to 49% of participants or to the total number the team can accommodate with its existing equipment and staff. Tryouts are held for Acton-Boxborough athletes in the event that the number of athletes interested exceeds the number of spaces available.

Do I need special clothing?
Form fitting clothing is best for rowing. Due to the variety of weather conditions layering is key. Technical fabrics are important for both warmth and cooling. Short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, weather jacket, hat, tights, shorts, wool or polypro socks. The rower needs to be prepared for any weather and all activities. Running shoes are a must. Baggy shorts and pants or sweat pants and jeans are not appropriate clothing.

When are races (regattas)?
Weekends (mostly Sundays). Logistics of moving boats and regatta schedules make these typically a full day commitment.

Uniforms, are they issued?
Appropriate team uniforms are ordered by the club and purchased by parents.

Are there any overnight trips?
Experienced rowers participate in one overnight trip in the spring and the fall to Saratoga, NY to race. The club books the hotel and bus, parents pay for the expenses

What do the user fees cover?
Operational costs such as coach salaries, equipment repairs, rental of  town facilities including the school and beach , entry fees, insurance, upkeep of team launches, etc. A 'per rower' equipment fee paid seasonally with registration, community fundraising and donations support equipment purchases.

What is the refund policy?

  • Up to two weeks: full refund less online processing fee, if applicable.
  • 2-4 weeks: refund of both regular fee and equipment fee except for $50 administrative fee and online processing fee, if applicable.
  • 4-6 weeks: 50% refund of fee; no refund of equipment fee or online processing fee, if applicable.
  • >6 weeks: No refund.

Am I expected to participate in fundraising?
Yes, the team holds two athlete driven fundraising events per school year. Leaf Raking in the fall and an Ergathon in the spring. All athletes are expected to participate in both of these events. In addition, voluntary membership appeals are conducted periodically.