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Spring Championship

Sunday, May 27
Merrimack River, Lowell, MA

The Massachusetts Public School Rowing Association (MPSRA) Spring State Championship Regatta will be held on the Merrimack River, on the Lowell 1500m Course.

See the venue map here.

The course will begin at the 500 meter mark of the 2k course (just above the bridge) and will run to the 2k course finish line. See the course map here.

Time trial events will utilize lanes 3 and 4, alternating lanes about every 20 seconds (40 seconds per lane). If a boat is being overtaken by another boat in the same lane, the slower boat must yield to the outside lane (lane 3 will move to lane 2; lane 4 will move to lane 5).

Racing lanes are "double wide," meaning that 2 racing lanes share each set of buoys, and each racing boat has buoys on one side only.

Travel lane (heading upstream): there is no buoy line between you and lane 1. Boats in the travel lane are expected to stay close to the Lowell shore, well away from boats racing downstream.

If you are in a racing lane (heading downstream), this is what you should see on each side of you:

  • Lane 1: travel lane on port, buoys on starboard
  • Lane 2: buoys on port, lane 3 on starboard
  • Lane 3: lane 2 on port, buoys on starboard
  • Lane 4: buoys on port, lane 5 on starboard
  • Lane 5: lane 4 on port, buoys on starboard
  • Lane 6: buoys on port, shore on startboard
    (don't get too close, it may get shallow; there is a rock at about 700 meters that will be marked if the river level is low)


Heat Sheets