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USRowing Membership / SafeSport Training

How to become a member of USRowing

All participants (athletes and coaches) in Bare Hill Rowing Association sponsored programs must hold at least a Basic membership with the national organization. This is a compliance requirement for our club membership and insurance with USRowing.


In order to register and participate in any of our programs, this includes Learn to Row (6-7 grades) to adults,  you must hold a USRowing Basic membership and signed waiver that is current. 

  • Memberships are good for one year starting at the date of joining.
  • Example: by joining on August 15, 2021, you will be covered until August 14, 2022 
  • You will need the USRowing expiration date and membership number during our BHRA program registration.

How to Join:
If you are NEW to the team

  • Complete the INDIVIDUAL USRowing registration process
  • Bromfield Acton Boxborough Rowing Team: club code MBMFF 
    For our YOUTH members during the school year: Learn to Row, scholastic Middle School and High School teams.
  • Bare Hill Rowing Association: club code 6FZ6K
    For ADULTS (Ergon and Experienced Adult programs) and all Summer Competitive Youth Team participants.

  • Follow the steps to purchase a basic membership at $0; however, there is an administrative fee

Individual Membership FAQs

To better understand the differences between the two types of individual membership, check out the following frequently asked questions. Click here to compare the different levels of membership and benefits associated with each.


Make sure your USRowing membership and waiver are current through at least November 21, 2021. This will cover you throughout the fall 2021 season for practice, competition and Leaf Raking fundraiser. 

  • To Renew Follow these three easy steps to log in:
  • Go to the USRowing Membership Portal 
  • Enter your Member Number & Password 
  • Click Submit
  • You will need the expiration date and member number during our team registration.


If you only have a basic membership, and compete in either of these regattas, you will need to upgrade it to one of these two levels:

  • Basic + regatta
  • Championship

During the summer, we compete as Bare Hill Rowing Association. That means you need to go in to your USRowing account and add BHRA to you club listing. Bare Hill Rowing Association club code 6FZ6K


SafeSport Training – As of summer 2021anyone 18 years of age or older is now required by law to take SafeSport training if they regularly interact with minors, including in a setting in which you are a teammate.

This would include adult athletes with direct in-program contact with minors, all coaches, referees, chaperones, board members, staff, volunteers with direct access to minors, etc.


For NEW Members (18 years old +) who have not taken the initial training program (90 minutes) and need an account to login.

Go to,

  • Select Enrollment Key on the landing page
  • Enter the following key: NGBUSR-RFKt8f
  • Fill out the form with all the required information and your new account will be set up. 

If you are unsure if you have an account or not, follow the instructions for members that currently have a training account. Test any possible email addresses you may have used. If the system cannot verify an account exists, follow the steps for members that do not have a training account. 


If you currently have a training account, your training needs to renewed every year. You are eligible to take a shorter (20') refresher course.

If you already had an account on or, you can access the new site by going to

  • Click Login on the upper right
  • Enter your email address as your Username
  • Click Forgot Password.  This will send a password reset notification to your email address. 
  • Follow the instructions to create a new, secure password and log into the training site. 


Basic SafeSport Program Requirements
The U.S. Olympic Committee and Center for SafeSport have required SafeSport programing to be adopted by each National Governing Body. The following section provides an overview of the basic policy and procedures USRowing has adopted to meet this requirement. This is followed by the policy and procedures that USRowing expects of each of its member organizations.

USRowing SafeSport Program
The USRowing SafeSport program addresses six areas of misconduct: sexual misconduct (including child sexual abuse and/or grooming behaviors), emotional misconduct, physical misconduct, bullying, hazing, and harassment.

Covered Individuals
To protect athletes and all members of the USRowing community, part- and full-time employees of USRowing, members of the Board of Directors, coaches, referees, volunteers that have direct access to athletes over the course of several days, and vendors with direct access/interactions with athletes are required to undergo criminal background checks; receive education and training; and be familiar with the USRowing SafeSport reporting, investigation, and hearing process.

Organizational Member SafeSport Programs

Covered Individuals
Individuals covered by an organizational member's SafeSport policy should include part- and full-time administrators, trainers, and coaches, as well as volunteers with direct access to athletes. At a minimum, these individuals must complete background checks, receive training in the six areas of misconduct, and be familiar with internal reporting, investigation and hearing procedures.

Education and Training
USRowing has partnered with the Center for SafeSport to provide training and education on the various forms of misconduct. The Center has developed a comprehensive online program, which is free to all USRowing members. It focuses on both identifying misconduct and the steps needed to prevent it. All USRowing Applicable Adults are required to take the online SafeSport training program. 

USRowing recognizes that education and awareness may be the best approach to prevent issues of misconduct. USRowing strongly encourages each member organization to adopt a policy that all athletes and parents view the online SafeSport training program provided by the U. S. Center for SafeSport. In that spirit, Bare Hill Rowing encourages all families to familiarize themselves with SafeSport policies. 

In partnership with the U.S. Center for SafeSport, we have migrated to the Center's new learning management system Absorb starting April 21, 2021. All new SafeSport training from that date on will be done at

Bare Hill Rowing SafeSport policies are found HERE.