Experienced Adult and Collegiate Rowers

Located at Bare Hill Pond, Harvard, MA


Bare Hill Rowing Association is committed to the health and safety of its members and the greater community as a top priority. In running our rowing programs on Bare Hill Pond in light of COVID-19, we are guided by the "Re-Opening the Boathouse and Return to Training" protocols set forth by USRowing, the national governing body of the sport of rowing, as well as State, local and town regulations. Special equipment cleaning instructions and supplies needed will be sent to each participant. 

Open to Harvard residents and parents of the Bromfield Acton-Boxborough Rowing team members. Your membership helps us maintain the equipment and make it available for community use. For insurance and liability purposes, our equipment may only be used by individuals registered through our programs.

No boats may be used before sunrise and must be returned to dock by 6:50pm. Boats may be used during hours as specified below or otherwise made known by the Program Director.  Please note the afternoons are the busiest for power boat traffic and rowing at that time is not advised.

Equipment available for use. They are available on a first come, first served basis.
- Oars: Sets A, B, C, D
All Peinert (tubs) are available
Only these designated racing singles are available for use.
Lightweight hull: Jeannie Belle
Midweight hull: Purple Butterfly

Heavyweight hull: Pat Scott

While registering, you will need to sign a COVID-19 waiver as well as the standard club waiver. All recreational activities are subject to state, town and USRowing guidelines for opening.  We ask you to respect state regulations regarding the wearing a mask while on land at the beach. 

It is  our goal to offer programs and put in place safety procedures that will allow for participants to enjoy getting out on the water and learning to row. Program dates, times, costs and details listed below may change according to ongoing regulations and safety protocols. 

Program Fees



BABR college student - 8 week summer fee for June and July - weekly use 3+ days $125.00

BABR college student - 8 week summer fee for June and July -up to 2-days per week

$  75.00

Experienced Adult Rower - Harvard Resident - 3 months $  75.00

Experienced Adult Rower - Harvard Resident - 6 months


Experienced Adult Rower - BABR Parent/Non-Harvard Resident - 3 months


Experienced Adult Rower - BABR Parent/Non-Harvard Resident - 6 months  $175.00*

Flip Test, if needed

  $  10.00**

  *Covers tariff paid by BHRA to the Town of Harvard for inclusion of non-town tax paying members.

**The Flip-Test is a 1-Time-Only test conducted by a program coach. You will be asked to show your ability to handle putting the boat in and out of the water, your skill getting in and out of the boat, rowing away, flipping the boat and getting back in and returning to the dock. If you are unable to complete getting back into the single, you will be required to wear a waist style life preserver. It looks like a fanny pack and can be worn while rowing.

Focus: Sculling on your own. For individuals with previous sculling experience and motivated to row on their own. Can carry their own boat or has a training partner to help in getting boats in and out.
The program fee gives you access to only designated sculling boats during designated hours.

Program Dates: April through October 

April to June 20 
- Dawn until 1:00pm
June 21 - August 14 - Before 7am and after 10:30 am to dusk
(LTR and Fall Programs operate weekdays and weekends  from 7:00am-10:00am)

August 15 to October 30 - dawn to 2:00pm
*This could change based on school schedules

Some or all racing singles may not be available due to a few scrimmages on the weekends.  Check with Holly Hatton for update on availability.

Registration Policy

At this time, the program is restricted to BABR alumni, experienced rowers who are Harvard residents and/or parents of the members of the Bromfield Acton-Boxborough Rowing Team. 

Participation Policy

No participant will be allowed to begin the program without submitting all required and satisfactorily completed paperwork, having paid the session fee in full and in advance of the start of the registered program and passing a flip test. Arrangements for a flip test may be made upon registration by contacting Holly Hatton

Damage Responsibility Agreement

You will be asked to agree to this statement during the registration process: "Any damage caused by me (or that I become aware of) to boat or oars will be reported to the coaches immediately. If I cause significant damage to boat/oars, I agree to pay the cost of the deductible payment ($250)."

Refund Policies

No refund unless you decide not to use the membership within 2 weeks of joining. In that case, you will be refunded all but $25 of the fee.

Parking at the Pond

Absolutely NO parking at the beach for summer rowing for Harvard residents without parking stickers and non-residents. Due to COVID protocol, walk-ins must report to the Town sticker check personnel in the parking lot to be recorded as having accessed the beach.  A BHRA roster will be left with them. Your name needs to appear on our list.

Please use the lot at the top of the hill (below the library lot). It’s a 5 minute walk to the pond on the path to the right of the road. Harvard residents with BEACH stickers who are only participating in the rowing program are asked to park in the lot at the top of the hill (not library) as well.


All registrants, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the online registration
  2. Submit Swim Test (Download form) online in registration
  3. Pay online with a credit card or bank account.
  4. Arrange for a Flip Test by contacting Holly Hatton

Please direct program and registration questions to: Holly Hatton